Kelosoft® contains 50% henbane (green) oil. Henbane oil is produced using henbane leaves. Kelosoft® also contains purified water, beeswax and hydrolized collage​n.

Kelosoft® – Green oil for scar treatment


A very effective yet gentle alternative is treatment with a plant based ointment. Kelosoft®is the well-proven ointment with the full power of green oil derived from henbane. Regular massaging with Kelosoft® reduces reddening. The tissue becomes softer and bulging scars are made smoother. Several months are needed to achieve optimal results, however, on average improvements can be seen within the first week. In many cases, it can also be useful to combine Kelosoft® with other forms of treatment. Kelosoft® should be massaged into the scar with the fingertip for 2-3 minutes every evening.

Kelosoft® is the only herbal-based scar treatment to receive a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada.​

Reddened scars become smoother and paler

The hardened areas become softer

After sufficient treatment, scars gradually fade