How You Can Heal A C-Section Scar - Naturally

There are so many reasons why people scar, but perhaps one of the most positive causes is having a c-section. The birth of your child is something you'll always remember no matter what, yet you don't need to keep the scar there in order to treasure that memory. Most women are only too glad to be given the opportunity to get rid of the evidence. So, how can you do it naturally? Nutrition Your body needs plenty of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in order to heal. A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as enough protein, healthy fats and whole foods will ensure your body is getting a mixture of the right nutrients. Think of food as fuel that your body needs to run and repair. If you're breastfeeding, your newborn will also appreciate the extra health benefits of a varied diet. Cream Your skin is also going to need some TLC in order to repair the skin cells and keep the scar moist. Henbane oil, which is found in Kelosoft natural scar cream, has been proven to fade scars of all types as well as stretch marks. Kelosoft is a safe and effective herbal ointment which fades new and old scars alike. Reddened scars become smoother and paler, while the hardened areas grow softer to help the marks gradually fade. Don't just leave your scar to its own devices - give it the treatment it deserves and enjoy the results. Hygiene  Keep the incision clean to reduce the risk infection. Wash with warm, soapy water regularly but don't scrub too hard. Don't overdo it! It's easy to get complacent and back into routine, but for so many reasons, it's important to avoid strenuous activity and lifting anything that's more heavy than your baby. You should consult with a doctor before doing any exercise and usually you won't be able to resume until at least 6 weeks postpartum. It is best to stick to gentle walking and stretches that won't re-open your incision.  

How to combat dry skin this winter​

The scarves are out, the gloves are ready, the coats are multiplying - but have you thought about protecting your skin from dryness? When temperatures drop, the moisture in the air decreases and our skin certainly notices. This means we need to rethink our skin regimen for the winter. How? Moisturize. It's obvious, but essential so we can't not mention this one. Just make sure to choose a product that really suits your skin and will provide you with much needed moisture throughout the day. Hand cream. It's worthwhile applying hand cream after you wash your hands. Yes, every time! Keep a small travel tube in your handbag when you're on the go. Avoid super hot water. Winter comes and we're telling you to avoid hot showers? Showering in scalding temperatures really dries out the skin by removing natural oils. Humidifier. If you're really suffering, a humidifier will help keep your skin hydrated. Shave your legs less. Who wants dry scaly legs? Keep the pants on and your legs protected.  Increase your intake of healthy fats. Ditch the potato chips, we mean olive oil, oily fishes, walnuts and avocado. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol helps too. Look after your scars. Last but not least, all skin suffers in this weather but especially your scars. Dry skin makes your scar look and feel worse, and prevents it from healing. Use a scar cream like Kelosoft to keep your scars moist and, most importantly, to fade them!​

3 top winter skin care essentials​

Our skin is so much more vulnerable in the winter, and especially for those of us with scars, it's important to protect ourselves from dryness, itchiness and peeling. Here are 3 essential tips for getting through the winter with beautifully smooth and glowing skin. Scar cream Winter is actually the perfect time to treat your scars. With the cold temperatures and the change in the seasons, our skin is less exposed to the sun making it the ideal time to take care of those scars – once and for all. Another reason is that with winter comes dry skin, and dry skin = itchiness! Kelosoft keeps your skin moist, and moist skin is essential for proper skin repair and healing. Applying Kelosoft will ensure your skin stays moist, providing the perfect environment for your scars to fade away. Now is the time to treat your scars so you can enjoy clear skin by the time summer arrives. SunscreenJust because we are less exposed to the sun in winter doesn't mean we aren't exposed at all. And think about the sun's reflection off the snow! If you're planning on staying outdoors for a long period of time, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen, and this is especially true if you have scars exposed. HydrationMany people overlook the need for water in the winter months, but it is really important to drink the same amount as you would during the summer. Sufficient hydration ensures that your skin is receiving enough moisture to maintain a healthy glow.​

Stretch marks and homemade remedies

Stretch marks are typically manifested through streaks or stripes on the skin. They are usually caused by distension or rapid stretching of the skin resulting from various conditions, including change in weight and pregnancy. Stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body including the belly, the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks. Stretch marks are a form of scarring and therefore scar creams are often applied to reduce or minimize them. Treatments range from laser surgery to topical creams. There also a number of homemade remedies that I have seen, ranging from the application of sugar/almond oil and lemon juice mixtures to potato juice (which is rich in minerals and vitamins and therefore promotes restoration and growth of skin cells) to Aloe Vera to castor oil to cocoa butter and even egg whites and alfalfa leaves. All of these remedies are, of course, just that – homemade remedies. What do you think about trying to treat your stretch marks with a natural, henbane based scar cream?​

Kelosoft Review on YouTube

Look at the recently published video in which HealthNutNutrion features our natural scar cream Kelosoft® as part of her “April Favorites”. She’s a healthy living enthusiast and full-time Youtuber. She has a regular following of over 100,000 subscribers and uses and endoreses only the best natural products.   Kelosoft® softens and reduces the visibility of new and old scars and is also being used for stretch marks. Its active ingredient (henbane oil) is plant based that smells great and has a smooth texture. Kelosoft® is available at leading Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall pharmacies across Canada as well as on Kelosoft’s online store.​