Kelosoft is also available for purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall Pharma Plus in Canada.


It can be found in the First Aid section near the band aids!

Kelosoft® Scar Cream – makes scars invisible


Effective on both new and old scars, Kelosoft® is an all natural, Swiss-made scar cream. Proven a safe and gentle cream over the past 30 years, Kelosoft® helps to reduce the visibility of scars. Reddened scars become smoother and paler while raised and hardened areas grow softer to helpscars gradually fade.

Kelosoft® is effective to manage a variety of scars, including keloids, non-fatty acne scars, and scars resulting from accidents, injuries and      surgeries.  Kelosoft® has also been proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy, weight change and growth. 


  • Kelosoft® scar cream  is natural (plant-based) and proven to soften and smooth out the appearance of scars
  • Kelosoft® is the only herbal-based scar treatment to receive a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada
  • Kelosoft® scar cream consists of green oil extracted from henbane leaves
  • Kelosoft® is manufactured in Switzerland
  • Not suitable for use in kids under 13, pregnant or breastfeeding women


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