3 top winter skin care essentials

Our skin is so much more vulnerable in the winter, and especially for those of us with scars, it's important to protect ourselves from dryness, itchiness and peeling. Here are 3 essential tips for getting through the winter with beautifully smooth and glowing skin.


Scar cream

Winter is actually the perfect time to treat your scars. With the cold temperatures and the change in the seasons, our skin is less exposed to the sun making it the ideal time to take care of those scars – once and for all.


Another reason is that with winter comes dry skin, and dry skin = itchiness! Kelosoft keeps your skin moist, and moist skin is essential for proper skin repair and healing. Applying Kelosoft will ensure your skin stays moist, providing the perfect environment for your scars to fade away. Now is the time to treat your scars so you can enjoy clear skin by the time summer arrives.



Just because we are less exposed to the sun in winter doesn't mean we aren't exposed at all. And think about the sun's reflection off the snow! If you're planning on staying outdoors for a long period of time, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen, and this is especially true if you have scars exposed.



Many people overlook the need for water in the winter months, but it is really important to drink the same amount as you would during the summer. Sufficient hydration ensures that your skin is receiving enough moisture to maintain a healthy glow.